Campus Ministry Grant

Grants of up to $1,000 are available to campus ministries or congregations to fund new ministry initiatives.

Contact Information
Primary Contact

Who is the individual applying for this grant?

*First Name
*Last Name
*Name of Campus Ministry or Congregation
*Current Campus Ministry

Briefly describe your current campus ministry.

*Name of Pastor of Campus Ministry or Congregation
*Current Support for Campus Ministry

Briefly describe how your congregation or congregations in your community are already supporting your ministry.

*Use of Funds

Briefly describe how these funds will be used.

*Vision for Campus Ministry

What do you hope to accomplish with the funds if received?

*Total Costs for Campus Ministry

What is the total estimate cost of this project/new ministry?  A high level break down of the funds is expected.

Timeline for Use of Funds

What is your timeline?  Note Start and End dates OR Ongoing if this is a regularly occuring ministry.

Start Date
End Date
No answer
Other Notes to Share with Campus Ministry Team?
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